Our goals

With our work, we want to build a world where chemical companies meet the requirements of the law, effortlessly and without involving significant capital.

We work so that chemical companies can focus on the quality and safety of their products not worrying about legal challenges.

We act always having in mind all users, producers and suppliers of chemicals. Working towards our goal, we cooperate closely with those who create, implement and enforce the law regulating the chemical market.

Relationships are the strength of our organization. While building them we focus on respect, patience and understanding - for our clients, state employees, competitors and colleagues.


We specialize in registering biocidal products and reducing the costs of this process:

preparation of documentation

we prepare dossier for national, foreign and European registrations

we represent companies before national Competent Authorities and ECHA

physicochemical tests

we cooperate with many laboratories working in accordance with GLP
we negotiate the best conditions for our clients

biocide efficacy studies

we review market offers, present the review and suggest the best solutions

official fees

we facilitate the process of creating families of biocidal products
we build registration consortia

Our Clients